About us

We at FOODROZ started our journey in 2021 with a vision to make our home cuisine truly available for people in search. Cheer up our home makers with your support. We will make sure your soul is as satisfied as your appetite.

Proudly starting our journey from Kolkata. We did not choose the city. The city itself chose us with variety of flavours and mixing of culture. True flavours comes only with experience. So we searched for hidden gems and found taste beyond our expectations. Primary idea was to build an organized food delivery system for elderly people and special diet for people, who needs special medicated food. We could not resist our self to expand more and include truly homemade food available for everyone.

Let’s talk about our team now.

We have a quite big team:

Technical team : This team presents this beautiful app to you and very complicated order management algorithm behind it. Team is always ready to accept feedback and give feasible solution. Their approach is always to keep it as simple as possible for users without compromising in features.


Our home cooks : Main part of our journey will always be our sellers. They have their own family to run but did not give up with their passion. Honestly we have on boarded a few sellers only, who have hygienic kitchen and feels that food is something which can’t be compromised with quality. Going forward we will follow the same while adding new sellers on our application.

Cooking at home is never easy. They don’t have big refrigerator to store left over food neither they are always available with raw materials. After you order, they start from scratch. Kudos to them.


Our delivery partners : They really make it happen. Getting food delivered at home is relaxing. Our delivery partners are the reason behind that privilege. They are playing their part very efficiently to fulfil an order. Be it a heated day or rain heavily, dedication towards their duty cannot be matched.


You, customers are also integral part of our team. Your support, your feedback is the fuel which will keep us evolving towards better service. Your smile, your complaint will show where we did well and where we went wrong. Your blessings will keep us motivated. You, as user will always be our mentor.

Hope to grow together. Cheers to life.

We are always available on phone and mails and very much open to take your feedback. Knock us for any query.