Daadi's Top Superfoods for Fussy Grandchildren

Hello parents! What's on the food menu for the day? It would certainly be something that your kids love to eat. The moment your infant starts feeding on solids, you discover ways to satisfy their palates. You emerge as a scientist with an apron and a ladle, experimenting with recipes in the kitchen.

However, 80% of the parents complain that their kids are fussy eaters. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds don't seem to find a way into their tummies. Then where do they get nutrition from? Here are some superfoods my super cool daadi suggested. Try these out and I'm sure they would pull your little one to the table.

 Tangy, Spicy Aloo Dum:

homemade food - dishes for children aalo dum

Ask any child what their favorite vegetable is. They wouldn't think much before saying 'Potato'.  Instead of feeding children fried potatoes, try to make tasty Aloo Dum to make it nutrient-rich and healthy. Cook potatoes in the gravy of tomatoes and onions until the veggies go soft. Add some spices to elevate its taste. Mix this aromatic curry in hot rice, add some ghee and give it to your child. They would ask for more!

How About Some Protein?

homemade food - dishes for children dhoka dalna

Dhokar Dalna is the best food you can give your child who needs a good amount of protein to develop muscle strength. These are prepared with chana dal. Make chana dal cakes or cutlets and cook them in the gravy of tomato, onion, some spices and herbs. This food can go with rice or roti or even as an evening snack.

A Touch of Creamy Coconut Milk:

homemade food - dishes for children prawn malaicurry

Chingri Macher Malai Curry is what your child asks for again and again for its creamy texture and aroma. Fresh prawns are cooked in a sauce/gravy made out of creamy coconut milk. Choose your favorite spices and herbs to add to the flavor. 

Give the Required Nutrition with Chickpeas:

homemade food - dishes for children nuts

Take white or yellow chickpeas and cook them in the sauce of tomatoes and onions. This dish is called Ghugni, the popular street food in Kolkata. Daadi counts on this dish for the required amounts of carbs, protein, fiber and fats. Just sprinkle some lemon juice and offer it to your little one.

Eggplant Made Tastier Than Ever:

homemade food - dishes for children eggplant

Most of the children don't prefer to eat eggplant or brinjal. However, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Daadi says, "Slice eggplant into thin pieces and dip them in a batter made of Chickpea flour or gram flour. Fry them until crispy and sprinkle some spices". Your kids can't stop themselves from clean-sweeping the plate.

homemade food - daadi love

Daadi's suggestions never fail. All those clueless parents out there, just try these authentic food recipes from daadi's diary and see your fussy eaters relish every dish.

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