Top Reasons Why You Should Like Homemade Food

Top Reasons Why You Should Like Homemade Food

We, the people of Kolkata, love food and treat our authentic food recipes with reverence. Food is a part of our culture too! However, many of us don't like home-cooked meals, especially our teenagers and youth. Left with no time to light the stove in those busy mornings, feeling lazy to cook while binge-watching a web series over the weekend - reasons can be many but the result is just one, not cooking a meal at home. Homemade food has become the last priority in today’s busy world. But it shouldn’t be so.

What Makes Someone Turn Down Home-made Food?

Here are the top reasons why you are not cooking food in your home kitchen. I'm sure you will relate to at least a few from the list below.

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  • The Wait-time Everywhere: Well, to cook food at home, you must have to shop for some groceries. Who spends half a day picking up the groceries, standing in long queues at the billing counters? Okay, say if the groceries are ordered online, the fast life today has no time to organize them once they are brought into the house. So, to avoid all these, people find it better to go for a meal subscription from outside.


  • The Amount of Work That Goes into Cooking: Cleaning the utensils before and after cooking, washing the vegetables, pulses, grains and other stuff, and cleaning the kitchen platform before and after cooking makes cooking an endless effort! The burden exceeds when you are a working professional. And the best way to skip all these is to order food.

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  • Busy Lives and Fatigue: This is the most common problem that stops people from cooking a meal at home. Round-the-clock working schedules, tight deadlines, work pressure, exhaustion and fatigue at the end of the day - aren't these enough for someone to consider cooking as a herculean task?


  • Just Not Interested: Ultimately, if something doesn't interest you, you cannot do it, come what may. If you don't like cooking, then there won’t be enthusiasm at all. A lack of interest can never make something work! Also, cooking is a skill and some people struggle to master it. After all the efforts they put in, the dishes come out to be disappointing in the end. Thus, they eventually lose interest in cooking.

I agree with your reasons for not cooking a meal at home. But if you know the benefits of home-cooked meals, you’d prefer home-cooked meals for sure.

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  • Health and Hygiene: What's more important than health that comes with good food prepared under hygienic conditions? Food that's prepared in a food court can't assure you of hygiene. We never know if the utensils are properly cleaned and the veggies are thoroughly washed. The result is a plethora of health conditions like food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach infection etc. Why put your health at stake when you can cook for yourself? Also, when you cook at home, you use fresh oil, minimal salt and negligible sugar based on your health condition. Home-cooked meals ensure safety standards and the food thus made, doesn’t put your health at any risk.


  • Ensure a Balanced Diet: When you opt for homemade food, you are assured of a plate filled with all the essential nutrients needed by your body. Required portions of carbs, protein, fats, fiber and fluids can be included in your diet. You can't afford to order a balanced food plate from outside every day. Additionally, homemade food doesn’t come with added colors, preservatives or harmful ingredients and is totally safe for your health.



  • Stress-buster and Relationship Builder: Cooking is definitely a stress-buster and relieves you from the dwells of mechanized life, of course, only if you consider it an art. Sprinkling the right amounts of masala and pepper, tasting the cooked soup for its tangy flavors, and finally layering it up garnishing essentials - everything is just like dressing up for a ball! Also, when you involve your family in the kitchen, cooking turns into energizing teamwork. If time is your constraint, order homemade food from outside and enjoy it with your family. Because homemade food gives that ‘homely’ feeling.

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A home-cooked meal is what you need in today's world of food adulteration and contamination. Additionally, you can save the time you wait for your orders, you can cut down on cost and additional charges, you are free from the risk of allergens, you are assured of the quality, and above all, it's someone’s personal effort and that's why it tastes heavenly! 

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