Here's How Homemade Food Helps in Managing PCOS

Are you suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? Then, it's time you bring a few wise changes in your lifestyle. Lifestyle changes include modifications to diet and daily habits that help you lead a healthy life. Especially, when you are suffering from a long-term health condition like PCOS, it's very important that you opt for homemade food and say NO to outside or packaged food.

PCOS is today's most common health condition and one in five women of reproductive age fall prey to it. It affects a woman's hormone levels thereby leading to severe outcomes like irregular periods, infertility, diabetes, pelvic pain, Hirsutism, weight gain among others. If left unattended, PCOS can also lead to more serious issues like ovarian cancer. Though PCOS has no cure, making significant lifestyle changes can manage the symptoms. Along with including low and medium impact exercises, one needs to focus on diet. Here is how homemade food helps you better your condition.


NO Added Sugars and NO Preservatives:

NO Added Sugars and NO Preservatives

You should completely restrict outside or packaged food rich in added sugars and preservatives if you are suffering from PCOS. Outside food comes with artificial flavours, colours and preservatives along with loaded sugars. Consuming these will worsen your PCOS symptoms. Hence, shifting to homemade food is what you should do today, as it is free from unwanted ingredients.


NO Unhealthy Fats:

NO Unhealthy Fats

Outside foods are high in trans and saturated fats. They thus elevate the common PCOS symptoms like insulin resistance and inflammation in the body. Insulin resistance leads to increase in blood sugar levels and weight gain while inflammation can worsen acne, hirsutism and period irregularities. Homemade food keeps these unhealthy fats at a distance and includes the healthy fats that come with olive oil, nuts and seeds. Thus, consuming a balanced homemade meal is advised for everyone especially for women with PCOS.


No Refined Products:

No Refined Products

Women suffering from PCOS should stay away from refined products like refined sugar, refined flour, refined oil etc. All these make your condition worse and lead to more serious health complications.  Outside food contains enormous amounts of refined sugar, maida and oil. You cannot choose a specific food without these. Therefore, homemade food is the best choice for women with PCOS.


NO pre-baked or Pre-cooked Food:

NO pre-baked or Pre-cooked Food

Women with PCOS should never consume pre-cooked food. Anything that's not freshly cooked is a poison to your reproductive health. Home-cooked food is freshly prepared and comes with no readymade options, hence stands as the best choice.

Additionally, outside food comes with a host of disadvantages in terms of hygiene, quality and standards. Consuming such food can land you in troubles. You might end up paying more for what could have been managed in a better way. Considering this, switch to homemade food to see your body responding well.

Are you a busy bee who cannot cook a balanced homemade meal? Is combating PCOS going out of your hands? Don't worry. We are with you.

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